Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Gratitude List

I've recently had an exercise recommended for improving personal happiness and overall attitude: the idea is to think of at least three new things each day for which one is grateful. They needn't be life-changing (nor could they be on a daily basis, unless one has a considerably more interesting life than mine). So here goes:

I had a good day in class, in which I came prepared and took much from the discussion of how the remainder of the course would go.

I had a nice walk this morning through a semi-secret trail in the woods to cut across an area near campus.

I found out that the insurance payout for my stolen scooter is going to be much higher than we had anticipated, helping to offset moving costs and potentially buy me another vehicle later on, or simply address some debt.

Rachel is home safely after her trip to her parents' house.

I successfully looked after the dogs for a day in her absence.


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