Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back on the Juice: Days One through Three

Dear Blog,

As you may know, the stress of horribly awaiting decisions from PhD programs led me back into some high-calorie life choices, chiefly daily excess drinking. This itself is not so bad, and I only gained a few pounds back, but as I am getting married on the 25th, I have to fit into the skinny shirt and the skinny suit. As a result, and as a way of clearing my head before we finish selling all of our worldly possessions and driving 1,400 miles, I've decided to do a slightly modified version of my previous juice fast.

This 10-day plan will be a little less austere than the previous one, which I did more or less to see if I could. The rules are as follows: while no solid food per se is allowed, I may have a plantain smoothie with soy milk and berries as the mood strikes me. I'm also not ruling out caffeine this time around, as it has nothing to do with the calorie count and gets me through the afternoon if I haven't slept well.

Finally, if I feel drinking a glass of wine or two is appropriate to the situation (guests, the weekend), I grant myself permission to do it--it's juice, after all, and no higher in calories than unfermented grape juice, either. I've added an additional dimension to reduce waste and hunger, by which I boil any remaining vegetable solids before straining them off and enjoying some hot veggie broth--virtually zero calories plus some added nutrition and appetite suppressant.

My schedule will not likely allow me to reach 100 miles walking in 10 days, so I'll simply do what I can and record it.

Day One: Juice of one can of diced tomatoes and several carrots around 2:00pm (around a pint). One pint of soy milk around 4:00pm. Juice of two grapefruit at some point in the evening. Walked one mile approximately 2:00pm.

Days: One
Miles walked: One

Day Two: Juice of one can diced tomatoes, multiple roma tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, carrots, a bit of lemon (around a quart). Broth from cooked and strained vegetable solids throughout the evening. Smoothie consisting of one half of a large plantain, about a half cup of soy milk, and a couple of ounces of frozen blackberries.

Days: Two
Miles walked: One

Day Three: Walked two miles at 11:30am and another five from about 1:45-3:00pm. Around three, had the juice of three grapefruit and two oranges (roughly a quart) mixed with San Pellegrino sparkling water. Around 8:00pm, had juice of one can of tomatoes, multiple romas, some mixed lettuce from the garden, some spinach, two large carrots, and one red pepper (about a quart again). Followed with a large espresso mixed with about a half cup of soy milk. Simmered and strained remaining vegetable solids and had roughly a pint of hot veggie broth.

Days: Three
Miles walked: Eight

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