Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diet and Exercise Journal, Day One of Ten

Starting another crash fitness program to clear out the excessive time in bars and restaurants over the end of the semester and vacation. Looking to lose about five pounds in ten days by going juice/fresh produce only, no alcohol, 100 miles walked. This is day one.
Weight exercise:

Bench 1x12 using 37.5lb dumbbells. 1x13 using dumbbells

Cardio exercise:

Walk 10.2 miles



3:00p 16oz fresh grapefruit juice; small serving kimchi

8:00pm 16oz juice of chard, collard, carrot; about 2 cups soup made from water boiled with leftover pulp and strained into about 4oz kimchi

Units of alcohol: 0

As always when these things begin, feeling a little cranky. Nevertheless, one down.

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