Thursday, May 16, 2013

Diet and Exercise Journal, Day Two of Ten

Day two, if I recall from previous experience, is supposed to be the worst one, where hunger hits its awful, gnawing peak before the body essentially adapts to the shock of caloric deprivation. But it wasn't bad at all, in part because I'm mixing some cabbage solids (homemade kimchi, to be specific)  in with the juice and vegetable broth, and in part because I've discovered the appetite-suppressing potential of green tea. Two days down gives one a feeling of some momentum, so I'll take it as a moral victory even if I was a touch more irritable than I care to be (or, my usual irritableness squared or so).
Weight exercise:

Bicep curls 3 sets of ten using 37.5lb dumbbells

Cardio exercise:

Walk 7.45 mile. Miles somewhat limited by blisters developed from overdoing it (and stupidly walking in flip-flops) yesterday.



12:30pm About 24oz grapefruit and carrot juice; small serving kimchi

3:00pm One pot of green tea

8:00pm About 32oz juice of collard, carrot, cucumber, beet; about 2 cups soup made from water boiled with leftover pulp and strained into about 4oz kimchi; one dill pickle spear

Units of alcohol: 0

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